3 benefits of a clean home

3 benefits of a clean home

3 benefits of a clean home

A clean home is a happy home

A clean home can have a surprising effect on how you feel, emotionally and mentally. Your home is your sanctuary, it’s where you feel safe, comfortable and happy.  Also, a study led by associate professor Nicole R. Keith, Ph.D, research scientist at Indiana University, found that people with a clean home are healthier people than those with messy homes. Their productivity increases, and feel more motivated to complete tasks.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a clean home, specially now during the Covid-19 crisis. Knowing that your spaces are clean and virus-free is a great relief during these times.

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Health benefits of a clean home

Better Sleeping Patterns

When spaces are decluttered, clean and fresh, your mind relaxes. Places that are messy make you want to plan your to-do list for the next day, and immediately cause stress. Remember that, before sleeping, you should be relaxing to have a better night’s sleep and wake up with energy!


With Covid-19, you begin worrying about taking the correct measures inside of your home, such as disinfecting and sanitizing spaces and high touch surfaces. When doing such frequently, you can relax, because your home  becomes a “safe zone” from the virus.


Cluttered and messy spaces affect your productivity. They make you feel overwhelmed and keep you from focusing on important tasks.

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